Choose which sections of the 1004MC get filled out automatically with Titan Analytics


A solid appraisal requires good commentary, which keeps you from getting hit with unnecessary client questions.  With Titan Analytics, you'll be able to fill out the entire 1004MC (excellent commentary included) and add impressive charts and graphs to your report automatically.  If you don't want the automatic commentary included, Titan Analytics lets you choose which sections get added to your report.  

Use more reliable data for Days on Market in your analysis


Titan Analytics is TOTAL’s newest tool to help you save time by filling out the Market Conditions form — a task that can seem tedious when done by hand.  Built to help you use the most accurate data available, Titan Analytics provides flexibility and control over how properties are treated in the MC grid.

Titan Analytics:  Fill out the 1004MC in seconds and prevent questions


You don’t rely on just the 1004MC for reporting on market trends, you also rely on more credible statistical information.  With that in mind, we’ve built a fully-integrated tool for automatic 1004MCs, charts, and regression analysis with the goal of providing you instant results. 

Built directly into TOTAL, Titan Analytics allows you to work faster, smarter and create reports with better communication and more credibility than ever before. 

TOTAL Store spotlight: Spark — Analyze data the way you want


Guest post from Brandon Reich, an appraiser, owner of Choice Valuation, PLLC and creator of TrendSheet 4 and Spark.  You can find TrendSheet 4 and Spark in the TOTAL Store. 

As an active appraiser, I struggle with time; needing more of it, using it efficiently, and when a new tool comes out, having the time to learn it.  From talking to a lot of you, I know I’m not alone in that struggle, and that’s why we made Spark.

New TADA! tool helps you complete the 1004MC in minutes


This is a guest post from Ross Dunham, former Vice President of Information Technology for American Mortgage Express Financial.  Ross holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and MBA from San Diego State University.  He also boasts 20 years working for the real estate industry, supporting appraisers, real estate agents, loan officers, and mortgage bankers.  You can find his TADA! tool in the TOTAL Store here.

It was 2009, I was at a restaurant lamenting with a group of San Diego appraisers about the radical changes that were going on in their industry.  My uncle, an appraiser of 25 years, was particularly concerned with the technical requirements involved with the 1004MC. 

My uncle expressed his frustration that not only was he making less money on each transaction, he was now having to do additional work on each file.  To alleviate his anxiety we downloaded the necessary templates into Excel, and I showed him the process of completing the 1004MC.  We got it down to about 10 minutes from start to finish. He handled all the “thinking,” and I handled all the technical mechanics.

It was then that I saw the opportunity to get this process down to just a few minutes.  I asked my uncle, how much time would this would save him?  He replied, a minimum of 1-2 hours a month.  I asked him if he would spend $10-$20 bucks to save a few hours.  He said, heck yes.

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