Tech Tip:  Don't worry about accidentally deleting your inspection data


We've all been there — being mad at ourselves for deleting an important file.  This TOTAL for Mobile feature would come in handy when:

You have an early inspection, and your coffee hasn't kicked in yet.  You get distracted and accidentally delete a report you haven't synced to TOTAL.

You thought you wouldn't need the file anymore, but you over-estimated your judgement.  Now you want it back.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Categorize your reports quicker and easier with color coding


New in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop — We've added a categories option to help easily identify and group your reports.  Pick a color category for a group of related reports — such as waiting on homeowners, pending inspection, completed, in progress, etc. — to quickly see where your reports are in the process. This feature makes it easier to see each report's status and stay organized.  See how it works in the video below.


Appraisal Tip:  Keep your Photos PowerView open on your second window


If you've worked on an appraisal report before, then you know that toggling between your form-filler and your photos can be tedious and time-consuming.  But with TOTAL, you can now undock your Photos PowerView while you're working on a report.    

Just pull your Photos PowerView to another screen to view at your convenience. Can't remember what type of counters were in the kitchen?  Keep the photo open in one window and your report open in another — no more toggling back and forth or relying on memory.  Check out how it works in the video below. 


Appraisal Tech Tip:  Restore your TOTAL settings in six clicks with Exact


Are you moving to a new computer?  Do you want TOTAL to perform like it did on the old machine?  Exact can do this for you.

First, make sure your Exact is installed on the new computer.  Then after just six clicks, voila!, your QuickLists, contacts, user settings, comps database, and digital signature are downloaded and ready to use on your new machine.  Don’t hire a technician or waste hours, even days manually updating your customized settings.  Watch the video below to see how Vault with Exact makes your transition easy and simple.

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn’t know about TOTAL for Mobile — Multi-line Fields


In the clipboard-and-paper process, you learned to keep your written comments brief, and to-the-point while you were in the field.  You took good notes, but you often didn’t take the time to write out multiple paragraphs for comments on your clipboards – that was for later, back in the office when you could type and have access to your common responses, or QuickLists, in TOTAL.

See TOTAL for Mobile's Multi-line Fields in action here.

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