TOTAL update:  New SmartFilters and more QuickLists abilities [Video]


In the latest TOTAL update, you’ll find new features in the Appraisal Desktop and the Overflow Addendum:

Missing.  Deleted.  Gone.  Three words no appraiser should ever say 

Have you ever accidentally deleted an old report and thought “meh, no biggie, I’ve got a backup”?

But then you search through your archives, and it’s nowhere to be found!?

Labels, Multi-material QuickLists, and more in the latest TOTAL for Mobile update


You read that right.  From enabling the stamp mode in sketch to preserved Multi-material QuickLists selections, you’ll zip through your inspections faster than ever before.  But, we can’t take all the credit as most of these time reducer ideas came from you, so thanks.  Your feedback means a lot.

Read what else is new in the April TOTAL for Mobile release:

Four bedrooms?  No problem. 

This update lets you select a label and tap your sketch however many times you need to without having to re-select the same label again.  When you sketched a home before, you'd have to select a label like bedroom, tap the screen, go back to label, select bedroom again, then tap the screen again, and repeat however many times.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap...  Good riddance. 


New to Titan:  Addenda, hotkeys, floodmaps


Our most recent Preview of Titan was released to our Elite customers last week and is now available.   If you’re not Elite and would like to get in on the Preview, call our Sales Department at 1-800-ALAMODE or send an e-mail to

Is that report in the Vault? Use Vault status icons to find out...


When you have hundreds of reports in the Appraisal Desktop, it can get pretty hard to remember which ones you’ve sent to the Vault or not.  And you need to know if they're backed up in the case of an emergency.  We don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to the security of your reports, and since you’ve been asking for the Vault Keys back, so we did you one better.

Make Room for a new PowerView in the latest TOTAL for Mobile update


The February 2017 update for TOTAL for Mobile has given Rooms its own PowerView! You’ll also be able to see fields highlighted as they become active, view the property location on a map (instead of longitude and latitude), and take comp photos straight from Directions.  This is one update you don't want to put off downloading.

Rooms officially have its own PowerView tab

Rooms have become one of the most used features of TOTAL for Mobile, so it only made sense to give it its own PowerView.  With Rooms, you can access any section of the house, add photos, edit information, and leave detailed notes.  Before you used to have to access Rooms by going to the Sketch PowerView, adding a room label, and then double-clicking the label or switching to Forms and selecting the drop-down that said “Section” in the top left.  

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