5 reasons every appraiser needs a website

Written by on October 13, 2016

An online presence is more important than ever. According to RetailingToday, 81 percent of consumers research online prior to purchase. And when that investment is related to the most valuable item in their life, their property, you can bet they'll spend some time searching for information. A website for your appraisal business gives potential customers everything they need to make a decision. Here are five reasons you need an appraisal website.

1. You'll reach potential clients outside your usual circle

A web presence can help you track down more leads outside of your current network. More and more people do research on the web before asking friends and family for recommendations on products and services. So if you’re just depending on word of mouth, you could be missing out.

An effective appraiser website comes complete with lead capture, where potential customers can fill out their contact information to receive a fee quote or a phone call with specifics. (Click here to find out more about our Appraiser XSite lead capture.)

2. You'll stay busy with non-lender work year-round

Non-lender work helps you stay busy even when the market slows down. Many homeowners and attorneys looking for a valuation may not have a network of appraisers to contact. If your appraisal website is complete with your contact information, services, and experience, you're more likely to get non-lender client leads.

3. It demonstrates you're the most trustworthy appraiser in the area

If a homeowner is going to trust a stranger with their home valuation, they’ll likely do research online first. By creating and maintaining an appraisal website that’s full of helpful information like your experience and specialties, you can build trust in your capabilities and service before you ever initiate contact.

Plus, you can inform potential customers about the details that go into a property appraisal. This helps educate customers and potential clients, so that you can defend your fees, decreasing low-ball offers and complaints about pricing.

4. Potential clients will find your services and fees without bugging you

Comparing prices and value is something that everyone does. When your rates and available services are readily available online, it's easy for someone to assess and compare what your value is compared to your competition. You already have a leg up on any competitors that would otherwise require a phone call to find out what their business is offering.

5. It cuts down on phone time

Your time is valuable. Time spent on the phone explaining your processes, fees, and the appraisal process is time you can't spend appraising properties. A complete appraisal website tells potential customers everything they need to know about your business before you ever pick up the phone and give them a call.

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