Like multi-monitor setups?  We’ve got you covered.

Written by on October 4, 2016

In 2013, one of our goals was to release a new version of TOTAL that was built for multi-monitors and modern hardware. At the time, this was one of the most important things an appraiser could do to boost productivity. Today, there's a lot of talk on social networks about appraisers' having workstations with a lot of monitors.

Luckily, our product is still the only appraisal software built specifically to meet the needs of appraisers using multi-monitor setups. With seven undockable PowerViews you can have multiple, active windows open simultaneously – helping you get more work done faster.

1. Photos: Manage your images on one screen and easily drag and drop them into your report on another screen.

2. Addenda: Once your text has overflowed to your addenda, you can keep your form on another monitor so you don't have to toggle back and forth.

3. Workfile: Keep everything you need within reach by easily accessing all of the supporting documentation used to create the report in an easy-to-find electronic format. This PowerView makes it easy to reference your relevant paperwork while working in reports and keeps your office totally paperless.

4. Sketch: Undocking your sketch has many advantages. You are able to compare your GLA and other dimensions to your report to ensure accuracy. You can also print your sketch, create a new sketch, and select specific areas to add into your report.

5. Worksheet: Reference worksheet data as your write-up property analysis. You'll be able to easily link your custom data from the Worksheet directly into your forms.

6. E&O: Check off any errors in the E&O and leave the list open as you resolve them within your report.

7. Notes: This also includes notes that were taken while in the field using TOTAL for Mobile. To help save time you can copy and paste into fields, mark off your “To Do List” as you complete each item, send your notes as a PDF, and view all your QuickNotes from the appraisal in one convenient locations rather than searching through the report.

With TOTAL you get additional screen "real estate" for the main TOTAL window, while allowing quick and easy access to other frequently-used tools. If you're still not convinced check out what Michael Mila from Chicago Appraisals, LLC has to say:

"My advice to other appraisers would be to get multiple monitors and a la mode’s mobile app. They will love it. Using multiple monitors has definitely made me more productive. It also reduces errors by copying pasting data right from the data source."

Get started now. Click here for our free how-to guide, which covers hardware recommendations, instructions for setting everything up, and how to spread your report across multiple screens.

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