Anniversary messages from our customers

Written by on July 22, 2015

Since announcing our 30th anniversary celebration, we've been getting a lot of love from our customers. From Facebook

"LOVE the TOTAL ease, speed, and accuracy of information that goes into my reports."

"I made the switch to a la mode after 10 years and wish I had sooner but am glad I am now on the right path!"

"Congratulations! You have kept me in business ever since I started my business! Could not operate without you."

"I have been an a la mode client since 2000. No other software available provides all the powerful tools for integration of a web site, receivables, client contacts and retention, appraisal ordering, and 24 hour technical/customer support."

to Twitter

"Happy 30th Anniversary @alamodeinc"

"Go follow @alamodeinc. THE BEST software available for appraisers!"

"Happy 30 years of serving the real estate industry!"

and even at our Modern Appraiser Roadshow!

Thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes! We're truly honored to serve our customers every day and so appreciate your business. The party's not over yet, so keep the messages coming!
And, don't forget to enter our latest giveaway to win one of our 30 mobile devices for 30 years (we're down to 20 now!) at