Use more reliable data for Days on Market in your analysis


Titan Analytics is TOTAL’s newest tool to help you save time by filling out the Market Conditions form — a task that can seem tedious when done by hand.  Built to help you use the most accurate data available, Titan Analytics provides flexibility and control over how properties are treated in the MC grid.

Tech Tip: Draw interior walls faster


One of the most helpful shortcuts in TOTAL Sketch is using the CTRL and arrow keys to access pop points. Many appraisers use pop points for "squaring off" a drawing, but they can also be used to "pop" interior walls directly over to a wall, without having to measure, estimate, or use the arrow key fifteen times. This keystroke shaves minutes of your sketches.

Titan Preview 3:  Starting and saving new reports


Our third Preview of Titan was released for our Elite customers is available.  If you’re not Elite and would like to get in on the Preview, call us at 1-800-ALAMODE or send an e-mail to

In the first Preview, we focused on filling out the form.  And in the second Preview, we introducing sketching and mapping on the web since these are critical elements.  This third preview added the ability to start a report, customize it with the forms you want, and save it. 

While still in development, this is your chance to get an exclusive glimpse into what we've been working on.  My short video covers it all:

Again, there’s no software to install.  Simply log in here to try what's new:

Appraiser Tech Tip:  Recover your latest files in three minutes with the Vault


A glitchy hard drive can really ruin an appraiser’s week.  When you’re busy, you need to minimize the technical problems that get in the way of being productive.  But what happens when your hard drive fails completely?  How badly would that affect your deadlines and future turn times?  For many appraisers, losing working files is a catastrophe, and can take hours or days to replace or rebuild the computer so they can work again.

So, what do you do in the meantime?  You could get a new hard drive or a new computer, and some appraisers have TOTAL installed on backup computer somewhere in the house or the office for just this sort of scenario.  Regardless of whether you have a backup machine or simply buy a new one off the shelf, once you get TOTAL and Vault installed on the other computer, you can download your most recent reports to continue working on them in just two or three minutes.

Tech Tip: Automatic driving directions


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