Don't Settle: Tackle your 2018 goals with a website 



Same old same old...

It's 9 a.m. on a Tuesday.  Your coffee cup is warm in your hand.  And as you walk into your office, you hope there's another order waiting for you in your inbox.  But, as you knew there would be, there's something else demanding your attention...

Don't Settle: Simple steps for making more money in 2018 


We know how it is:

The new year: a time of reflection — and for most folks with their own business, it’s a reflection on last year’s profits.  It can sting to look over the months where work trickled in from a slow tap — or remember times when lender-based clients low-balled the fees as the industry settled in for the winter months.

Just in time for Christmas, lenders seem to become the least generous.  With data sets to comply with, underwriters to please, and tight deadlines to meet — these days appraisers are doing more and more work for less turnover.

It might feel like you just have to bear it in order to keep getting jobs, even if it’s at a cheap rate.  That’s just how the appraisal business works, right?

No way.  This year, don't settle for low fees, absurd deadlines, or unpredictable income.  This year, make a change for the better.  A change that’s all about increased, stable cash flow.

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