Tech Tip Special Edition: Things you didn't know about TOTAL for Mobile - Rooms


When you're gathering data at a property, you're probably used to jotting down details as you go from room to room to type up in your report later.  TOTAL for Mobile's Rooms feature makes it easy to not only enter these room-by-room details, but also eliminates the need to retype your notes when you get back to the office.  While completing your sketch, just label the room and double tap the label to access the Rooms feature.  From there, you can add notes, details, even photos as you go.  See how it works in the video below:

Two things to check for before getting a new PC


Wondering if you need a new computer?  It's possible your current machine may just need a slight tune-up.  Check out this excerpt from our PC buying guide for appraisers for a few ideas that could make your "Ol' Faithful" run like new again: 

Trying to decide whether you should buy something now or wait for something better can be a challenge. While there’s nearly always something “better” just around the corner, waiting isn’t always the best idea. Technology moves at a rapid pace, and anything you buy today will likely seem outdated fairly quickly regardless of what you buy. Generally speaking, our recommendation is that you’re better off buying something now, rather than waiting. This is because you can begin gaining benefits from any new PC immediately, and then could selectively choose to upgrade again later as necessary or as your budget allows.

Do you really need a new computer?
Are you strapped for cash? Budget limited? How long has it been since you bought your computer? Before we jump into the specifics for new hardware, consider your current PC first.  You may be able to breathe new life into it for a relatively low fee, improving its performance for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

There are two common, relatively inexpensive upgrades that you can make on either a desktop PC or a laptop. They are:

1. Add RAM
Random Access Memory, or RAM, is your computer’s virtual “swap space.” In effect, it’s where your computer puts information and data being accessed (read or written) so that it can be used by the program or hardware.

Tech Tip Special Edition: Things you didn't know about TOTAL for Mobile - SmartStart


One of the most popular time saving tools in TOTAL for Mobile is SmartStart.  Just like SmartStart in TOTAL for your desktop, SmartStart in TOTAL for Mobile helps you create a new report quickly based on saved templates or perferred forms.  This means you can start as many reports as you want (and how you want) while you're in the field, without needing an Internet connection.  See it in action below:

Come grow with us


Everyone has a story. From our founder to our most recent new hire, we all have stories of aspirations, setbacks, and meaningful accomplishments. Collectively these stories continue to impact the lives of our customers, families, and co-workers in powerful ways. 

We pride ourselves on hiring the best people in the industry, knowing they all bring something unique to the table.  Take a look at some of the faces behind our products and hear their stories in this video:

Tech Tip Special Edition: Things you didn't know about TOTAL for Mobile - Speech-to-Text


One of the features that sets us apart from other appraisal software vendors is TOTAL for Mobile, our free app for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices.  We've been building our mobile apps in-house since the '90s, meaning our customers don't have to worry about being referred to a third party for help or to suggest a change.  We use your feedback to give you tools you need to do your job more efficiently than your competition. 

We've covered before how using a mobile device in the field can save you a lot of time by eliminating the need to retype (or "rewrite", if you're still using a pencil and paper) data back at the office.  One of the ways TOTAL for Mobile helps you do this is by using your device's microphone so you can create voice-to-text notes.  Check it out in the video below:

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