Bring in non-lender clients with a better homepage


If you're not already marketing yourself to drum up high fee, non-lender business, now is the time to start.  As we've covered in a previous post (click here to read), marketing yourself to non-lender clients like homeowners, attorneys, and CPAs can keep you busy year-round, including when the...

Using our new 1004MC template


We just added a  brand-new template to help you fill out your 1004MC inside TOTAL using our integrated Worksheets.  This video shows you how to load it into TOTAL.  You’ll see how this free template takes your MLS data from a file export and fills out...

Cut calculation time with Worksheets


Streamline your calculations and finish reports faster by using TOTAL-integrated Worksheets.  Check out a quick overview in the one-minute above.  It’s an excellent way to get introduced to Worksheets if you’ve never used them before. 

As you can tell,...

Instantly calculate comp percentages


Need to make a quick percentage adjustment?  Let TOTAL calculate it for you on-the-fly.  See how it works in the one minute video above.

Real life example:  You want to make a quick percentage adjustment instead of a dollar amount for one comparable, but...

Import comps from previous reports


Avoid retyping data from previously-used comps by importing them from old reports.  See how in the one minute video above.

Real life example:  Your latest subject property is close to an appraisal you finished a week ago.  Five of the comps you used then...

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