DISTO University: Measuring exterior walls with "no target", part III


This is a guest post in a series from Kevin Rinaldi-Young, Content Production Specialist at Leica Geosystems.  You can find Leica DISTO in the TOTAL Store here.

In my previous posts I showed how to use Add/Subtract and Measure in a Picture to measure an exterior wall.

The video below shows a third way to achieve the same objective.  This time we use Smart Horizontal.  Check out the DISTO comparison chart in the TOTAL Store to figure out which DISTO model is right for you.  In this video we use the D810 Touch to get our measurement.


Ever had to measure the length of an exterior wall, but there was an inconvenient fence blocking your way?  With a tape measure or Roll-a-Tape you have to measure on one side of the fence, walk to the other side of the fence to measure the rest of the wall, stitch the two measurements together and account for fence thickness. 

Smart Horizontal allows you to shoot over obstacles and still obtain a horizontal distance measurement.  Simply line the DISTO up with the end of the wall, angle up to the soffit and take a measurement.  The DISTO does the rest.

To learn more about DISTO or to get one of your own, visit the TOTAL Store.

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