Increase your website traffic with this one easy change to your XSite


As the Internet has evolved over the past few decades, we've all learned to rely upon it pretty heavily — especially for research.

Your potential clients are no different.  If they're looking for an appraiser, they're likely going to turn to a source like Google and search something like, "appraisers in my area". 

But if your website doesn't show up in the search results, those potential clients will probably order from one of your competitors. 

With an XSite, you can easily increase your chances of showing up on Google by making a simple adjustment in your settings.  Here's how it works: 


By selecting the counties you work in, you'll be added to the XSites Network (a listing service where clients look for appraisers), and Google will know to associate your website with your geographic region.

Don't have an XSite yet?  XSites are built with appraiser-specific content and pages to help you bring in new, non-lender work, retain current clients, and make more money.  It's the best way to market your business and protect yourself against industry slow-downs.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Learn more about XSites here ›

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