We're making Titan Analytics even easier!


We've already told you that Titan Analytics works with all MLS websites — and it does.  But, when we read our latest survey feedback, we discovered that some users weren't sure how to proceed if Titan Analytics didn't specifically list their MLS as an option.  You spoke, and we listened.

New TOTAL update: Know instantly if your form is AI ready


Have you downloaded the latest TOTAL update?  

Here's what's new in the latest TOTAL update:
  • a quick visual cue to know when a form is AI ready
  • a new QuickLists quick-start feature 
  • new Canadian forms 

Too many .ENV forms to remember?

Have you ever started a report and got all the way to the end, ready to deliver an .ENV file, and realized your major form, or one of the supporting pages, weren't AI Ready?  Don't worry.  You're not the only one.

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Kelly


Skilled support specialists are the backbone of a successful tech company — but finding those people is a skill all on its own.  It takes patience, people skills, and unwavering commitment to a high standard of quality to consistently hire the best.  That's where our Training and Development Manager comes in.

Kevin Kelly started out as a technician, so he knows what it takes to be on the phones.  Today he handles hiring new techs as well as their initial training, which is a comprehensive program lasting several weeks.  Managing both sides of employee intake is no small task, and while he often ends up wearing more than a few hats before the day is done, you can always count on him for a smile.

Employee Spotlight: Tammi Emerson


With an average tenure of over five years, our sales team knows what it takes to empower appraisers.  It's their mission to make sure you have all the tools you need to run an incredible business, even in the slow months.  

Tammi Emerson has been with us for almost two decades.  She works hard to educate and advocate for our customers, whether you've been with a la mode since the floppy disk days or you're just now giving us a try.  Like all of our sales reps, she knows that means treating our customers — and each other — like family.  She specializes at the enterprise level, but if you've ever talked to her on the phone, you know she's just as invested in seeing the one-man shop succeed.

Drive repeat business with automated email campaigns


You often have to be a jack-of-all-trades to run a small business — and one of the best skills you can learn is marketing.  Many appraisers struggle with the idea of marketing themselves, but if you think about it at a basic level, it's simply the act of establishing a relationship.  You don't need to have your face on a billboard or take out ads in the paper.  Something as simple as a friendly email message around the holidays to the folks on your contact list is enough to make you memorable — leading to repeat orders and year-round referrals from happy clients!

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