Titan Analytics takes the headache out of your condo analysis


When using a third-party analytics tool, you often have to handle the condo section of the Market Conditions form separately.  It's a big-time killer and forces you to export multiple data sets from your MLS or run your analytics software twice. 

Stepping up to the plate to help Texas


With our Oklahoma roots, we know natural disasters.  But Hurricane Harvey’s destruction is unfathomable.  So, we’re working on several relief projects, and we encourage you to join us.  Read the announcement here.

Foremost in our minds is the safety and future of our clients and peers.  We've already set up our systems to defer payments for those of you in the storm-hit areas on the Gulf Coast.  We're also ready to help anyone drastically affected rebuild in any way we can — whether it's replacing damaged Distos, laptops, printers, or anything else, we're here.  If you know appraisers, agents, mortgage pros, or inspectors who need help, let us know and tell them to call 1-800-ALAMODE or email [email protected].

TOTAL for Mobile August Update: inspect by area, more forms, and improvements


Our latest TOTAL for Mobile Update introduces a whole new way to gather inspection data — by area.  Plus, we've added more forms and made a few improvements you'll love.

5 questions for Product Management:  What makes TOTAL for Mobile better than the others?


Tracy Boehrer started his second tour with a la mode over six years ago to work on our mobile products. He was an early employee of a la mode back in the 90s. Between tours, he's filled both senior development and management roles. Since 2013 he’s been the Product Manager over TOTAL for Mobile.

We interviewed Tracy recently to get his thoughts on the different techniques for mobile appraising, and where TOTAL for Mobile is headed.  

1. A competitor just offers a single generic inspection form because they say it's simple and the data flows into any form.  Instead, you've added over 30 forms to your app.  Why?

Titan Analytics' intelligent mapping makes working with any MLS possible


If you haven't already heard, Titan Analytics works with any MLS that lets you export data.  That’s true, but sometimes matching all the necessary fields requires your input.  It would be too easy to have consistency with field names across all 600+ MLSs, right?  (Example:  Titan Analytics needs the Closing Price, but your MLS has it labeled as CloseP.

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