Employee Spotlight: Ash Stewart


When you're under a deadline and cutting it close, it's almost inevitable something will go wrong. When it does, you want someone who can not only empathize with your problem but get it resolved quickly.

Ash Stewart has been that someone for many of our customers in the last two years. She prides herself in going the extra mile to make sure each appraiser has a solution on time and every time. Read more to find out what makes Ash amazing.

Employee Spotlight: Rebekah Champagne


When you think of a la mode you probably think of tech support or product development. But, we have many behind the scenes roles that are just as important. We know communicating effectively with our customers is our top priority. And, it's the number one mission for our marketing department.

Rebekah Champagne is one of our Product Marketing Managers. With 20 years in the mortgage industry, she brings a different perspective to engaging our customers and recognizing potential impact due to regulatory changes. 

Employee Spotlight: Landi Latimer


Our sales team strives to make sure our customers have the tools they need to run their business efficiently. That requires in-depth product knowledge of every one of our tools, as well as a good understanding of  an appraiser’s workflow.

That’s not something many can boast, but Landi Latimer can. She’s helped appraisers start their a la mode journey for the last seven years. She’s truly invested in helping new customers learn more about their products and how to streamline their day.

Employee Spotlight: Joel Baker


It's not surprising to find coders, support techs, and sales folks at a modern software company. But at a la mode, we have another special employee who makes it his mission to know appraising inside and out — from day-to-day challenges to big-picture ideas.

Joel Baker is our VP of Appraiser Advocacy, a role he treats with both enthusiasm and integrity. His job is to understand our customers and their needs, and he's one of the reasons our software stands out from the competition. Joel keeps up with social media, attends conferences, and teaches appraisers of all skill levels how to work more efficiently. Plus, he works behind the scenes with our developers to make sure appraisers are well-served by the products we make.

Employee Spotlight: Michael Yancey


When you encounter a software question, your first step is often to seek out help.  Many of these questions make their way to our tech support line — but not all of them!  Sometimes, simply sitting down with a step-by-step guide or a quick how-to video is enough to get you back up and running.  We know this, so we've spent years building up a support database like no other.

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