An appraiser's new outlook in the wake of Harvey


When Jesse Garza purchased a storage unit for some of his family’s belongings, he never thought it would become a temporary office for his appraisal business.

Stepping up to the plate to help Texas


With our Oklahoma roots, we know natural disasters.  But Hurricane Harvey’s destruction is unfathomable.  So, we’re working on several relief projects, and we encourage you to join us.  Read the announcement here.

Foremost in our minds is the safety and future of our clients and peers.  We've already set up our systems to defer payments for those of you in the storm-hit areas on the Gulf Coast.  We're also ready to help anyone drastically affected rebuild in any way we can — whether it's replacing damaged Distos, laptops, printers, or anything else, we're here.  If you know appraisers, agents, mortgage pros, or inspectors who need help, let us know and tell them to call 1-800-ALAMODE or email

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