TOTAL for Mobile's snappy new camera


Until now, TOTAL for Mobile used your device's camera by default, which prompted you to either use the current photo or retake it.  It was cumbersome.  So, we built our own camera.  From now on, simply pick a room, snap a photo, and move on to the next one.  It's much faster.  

Watch it in action:

TOTAL update:  New SmartFilters and more QuickLists abilities [Video]


In the latest TOTAL update, you’ll find new features in the Appraisal Desktop and the Overflow Addendum:

Missing.  Deleted.  Gone.  Three words no appraiser should ever say 

Have you ever accidentally deleted an old report and thought “meh, no biggie, I’ve got a backup”?

But then you search through your archives, and it’s nowhere to be found!?

Your XSite just got a major upgrade


Your XSite has always been a powerful website to help you land high-fee, non-lender work.  And we’ve made it even better.

Here’s a list of some of the big things that we’ve added lately and what's live for your Appraiser XSite as of today:

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Titan Reports is coming!