Titan Analytics doesn't hold you back


Estate settlements, divorces, and other retrospective appraisals often require you to look at MLS data from several years ago.  When you need to use a non-standard dataset, you need your analysis software to take it in stride — and we developed Titan Analytics with your workflow in mind.  From old data to new, we've made sure you can handle any job with ease.  Watch the video below [1:13] to find out a couple of key ways to use this feature on your next report! 

Import MLS data with just a few clicks


Many appraisers still spend at least 20-30 minutes retyping comp data from their MLS to the report.  TOTAL's MLS Text Importer can do the same work in just one minute.  This feature is always a popular topic at Roadshows and in our Tech Tip e-mails since it's a great time saver and helps reduce errors.

Top Tech Tips of 2014


As 2014 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at our year in Tech Tips.  So what were appraisers most interested in this year?

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