Is your MLS making things complicated?


Sometimes even the simplest tasks can end up getting complicated — for instance, not every MLS website exports your data in the same file format.  Little things like that can introduce a needless hassle when you're trying to finish your 1004MC.  We know you're busy enough as it is, so we made sure Titan Analytics works with every major file type:  CSV, TSV, XLSX, and TXT.

Titan Analytics doesn't hold you back


Estate settlements, divorces, and other retrospective appraisals often require you to look at MLS data from several years ago.  When you need to use a non-standard dataset, you need your analysis software to take it in stride — and we developed Titan Analytics with your workflow in mind.  From old data to new, we've made sure you can handle any job with ease.  Watch the video below [1:13] to find out a couple of key ways to use this feature on your next report! 

Import MLS data with just a few clicks


Many appraisers still spend at least 20-30 minutes retyping comp data from their MLS to the report.  TOTAL's MLS Text Importer can do the same work in just one minute.  This feature is always a popular topic at Roadshows and in our Tech Tip e-mails since it's a great time saver and helps reduce errors.

Top Tech Tips of 2014


As 2014 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at our year in Tech Tips.  So what were appraisers most interested in this year?

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