Do you need a friend with benefits? 


If you’re searching for the ultimate non-committal relationship, look no further. TOTAL is low-maintenance and easy going.

It has lots of great qualities like the attractive Side-by-Side comps grid, a digital workfile to store all your PDFs and report research (perfect if you’re looking to go paperless), and SmartAddress to distinguish previously used comps.

Basically, it’s everything you need, without all the hassle or stress. 

In addition to getting a great piece of software, you’ll get the friendliest, top-notch customer support team in the industry. (Many have gone as far to say we’re the best support they’ve ever had.)  So, if you need to make a late-night call, we’ll be here for you 24x7x365.

Top 10 reasons appraisers are switching to TOTAL


Choose to make 2016 better than 2015.  Go truly mobile.  Save time on every report.  Handle ever-increasing client needs with fewer hassles.  Switching to TOTAL is easier than you think too.  We’ll walk you through the transition and we’ll even buy out your contract with ACI, Bradford, etc.  Let us help you make 2016 the year of less stress, better software, and more profit.  More appraisers rely on us.  See why first-hand. 

Here are the top 10 reasons you'll be happier with TOTAL in 2016:

10.  The transition is easier than you think

We’ve made TOTAL incredibly easy to dive into.  Open files from your current formfilling software using our simple Competitor Conversion Wizard or import UAD XML files.  The converter helps you copy data into TOTAL so you don’t have to worry about retyping or starting from scratch. 

We’ve also made it easy to just “get in and go” on new reports.  Simply click “File,” then “New,” and you’re off to the races in about five seconds.  You can choose to dive straight into your form or use SmartMerge to pull in data from old reports and templates in a snap.  

9.  You shouldn't have to live with constant crashes

We hear that other software crashes too often.  Assuming your system crashes twice a day and costs you 10 minutes to reboot per incident, that’s over an hour and a half of time lost every week.  TOTAL is rock solid, which is why we’re able to back it with a 100 day money back refund guarantee.   

Feeling overworked? 10 signs it's time to switch to TOTAL


Appraising in 2015 wasn’t easy.  You handled more client requirements and curveballs like CU and FHA changes.  But if you spent it relying on ACI or ClickFORMS™, your job was even harder than it should have been.  

Check out our new "Getting Started" video series


Are you new to TOTAL?  Then check our new "Getting Started" video series!

Whether you're a completely new a la mode customer or a long-term customer still using WinTOTAL Aurora who wants to upgrade, this new series of videos will get you started on the path to mastering TOTAL.  Each video is short and laser-focused on a single individual feature or topic.  They're great tips on how to be faster and more efficient with our latest formfiller.

Why ACI users are switching to TOTAL


We talk with appraisers all the time about why they chose TOTAL over their previous software.  Here are three reasons ex-ACI users say they switched.  Any of these sound familiar?

1.  You want stable software that stays ahead of the curve
TOTAL is rock solid and gets better with every update.  And, thanks to the built-in Feedback button, we're constantly adding new, customer-requested features that actually help your bottom line.  Plus, since you can import UAD XML into TOTAL, you're not leaving your ACI files behind.  Check out the video below to see how it works.

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