Make your business visible for all to see


Have you ever used Google to read reviews about a restaurant before you go?  Or maybe to help you find a specialty store in your local area?  If so, you've probably noticed that some businesses show up differently than others on the search results screen.  These places show up on a map display — accompanied by photos, hours of operation, a phone number, and more.  It's the equivalent of an eye-catching billboard off the highway!  As a professional appraiser, wouldn't you like for people to find your business that easily?

Tech Tip:  Don't worry about accidentally deleting your inspection data


We've all been there — being mad at ourselves for deleting an important file.  This TOTAL for Mobile feature would come in handy when:

You have an early inspection, and your coffee hasn't kicked in yet.  You get distracted and accidentally delete a report you haven't synced to TOTAL.

You thought you wouldn't need the file anymore, but you over-estimated your judgement.  Now you want it back.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Save every supporting document in your report without paper


Important documents like deeds, contact emails, property records, plats, zoning maps, engagement letters, and photos are important and unique to every report.  Where do you usually save them?  Do you print them out and shove them into a cabinet?  Or create a new folder every time you want to save another report?  

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn't know about TOTAL for Mobile - Geocode Properties


One of the best things about TOTAL for Mobile is its Geocode feature. Imagine you're standing on a brand new construction site, and the address is not yet searchable on any mapping device.  Fear not!  You can geocode this type of property in just a few taps.  TOTAL for Mobile updates the geocode from where you're standing using your GPS location.  Watch the video below to see how.

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