New TOTAL update: Another way to push overflow to the addenda


Have you downloaded the latest TOTAL update?  

Here's what's new in the latest TOTAL update:
  • an alternative route to push overflow data to the addendum
  • a new help link in the signing menu with guidance on when you should use your secure signature 

There's more than one way to skin a cat.  Or in this case, push overflow data to the addenda

In TOTAL, there are already two ways to push overflow data to the addenda. The first option is to click  the Addenda button in the tools menu, and then select the Overflow button in the split screen view. The second option is to simply c hoose to undock the Addenda PowerView and send it that way.  

Disaster Inspection forms in TOTAL for Mobile


Since the hurricanes, appraisers have been doing Disaster inspections.  To make these assignments as quick as possible,, we've made four major Disaster Inspection forms available in TOTAL for Mobile.

TOTAL for Mobile: September update


In the latest TOTAL for Mobile update, you’ll be able to assign new sketch labels to a room type, indicate when a photo has been taken for a room, and even back up your labels to the cloud in case you ever upgrade your phone or tablet and need to reinstall the app.

We’ve also added the GP 2-4 form to incorporate more non-lender options and fixed a few things to increase stability. 

TOTAL for Mobile August Update: inspect by area, more forms, and improvements


Our latest TOTAL for Mobile Update introduces a whole new way to gather inspection data — by area.  Plus, we've added more forms and made a few improvements you'll love.

5 questions for Product Management:  What makes TOTAL for Mobile better than the others?


Tracy Boehrer started his second tour with a la mode over six years ago to work on our mobile products. He was an early employee of a la mode back in the 90s. Between tours, he's filled both senior development and management roles. Since 2013 he’s been the Product Manager over TOTAL for Mobile.

We interviewed Tracy recently to get his thoughts on the different techniques for mobile appraising, and where TOTAL for Mobile is headed.  

1. A competitor just offers a single generic inspection form because they say it's simple and the data flows into any form.  Instead, you've added over 30 forms to your app.  Why?

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