Tech tip: Stay prepared if your computer crashed tomorrow


Ever had to get a new computer on a whim?  Whether you faced a crash, or the grandkids spilled water on your laptop, unexpected purchases are never fun. 
And that's before you start thinking about setting up all your old settings on your new machine...

Is that report in the Vault? Use Vault status icons to find out...


When you have hundreds of reports in the Appraisal Desktop, it can get pretty hard to remember which ones you’ve sent to the Vault or not.  And you need to know if they're backed up in the case of an emergency.  We don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to the security of your reports, and since you’ve been asking for the Vault Keys back, so we did you one better.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Save every supporting document in your report without paper


Important documents like deeds, contact emails, property records, plats, zoning maps, engagement letters, and photos are important and unique to every report.  Where do you usually save them?  Do you print them out and shove them into a cabinet?  Or create a new folder every time you want to save another report?  

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Restore your TOTAL settings in six clicks with Exact


Are you moving to a new computer?  Do you want TOTAL to perform like it did on the old machine?  Exact can do this for you.

First, make sure your Exact is installed on the new computer.  Then after just six clicks, voila!, your QuickLists, contacts, user settings, comps database, and digital signature are downloaded and ready to use on your new machine.  Don’t hire a technician or waste hours, even days manually updating your customized settings.  Watch the video below to see how Vault with Exact makes your transition easy and simple.

Appraiser Tech Tip:  Recover your latest files in three minutes with the Vault


A glitchy hard drive can really ruin an appraiser’s week.  When you’re busy, you need to minimize the technical problems that get in the way of being productive.  But what happens when your hard drive fails completely?  How badly would that affect your deadlines and future turn times?  For many appraisers, losing working files is a catastrophe, and can take hours or days to replace or rebuild the computer so they can work again.

So, what do you do in the meantime?  You could get a new hard drive or a new computer, and some appraisers have TOTAL installed on backup computer somewhere in the house or the office for just this sort of scenario.  Regardless of whether you have a backup machine or simply buy a new one off the shelf, once you get TOTAL and Vault installed on the other computer, you can download your most recent reports to continue working on them in just two or three minutes.

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