Add visual support to your valuation estimates with Titan Analytics

Written by on September 26, 2017

There are those clients that, no matter what, are going to have a question about how you reached your opinion of value. If you're only including textual data, it may be worth adding some charts and graphs to your reports too. They’re a great tool when trying to prove a point, especially since they do a much better job showing a difference in information.

Now I know you think that there’s no way you have time for that. But, with tools like Titan Analytics, you won’t waste time creating them. In fact, Titan Analytics does it for you. Click the video below to learn more.

In addition to completing the 1004MC, use Titan Analytics to create credible charts and graphs to communicate market data and trends to your clients automatically. It’s rapid-fire visual support for your appraisal, which could mean the difference between hours of useless questions or sailing through your review. And on private clients, it enhances referrals and support for high fees.

Titan Analytics has over a dozen options, from GLA and Days on Market to several regression analyses. Each chart of graph you choose is placed into an Analytics Addendum inside your report, describing visually to your clients the market elements that helped you reach your opinion of value. Or, if you’d rather just save them in your Digital Workfile, Titan Analytics has exporting options so you can do that too.

Create an impressive analysis and complete the 1004MC in five minutes or less without leaving TOTAL. Dive in for just $199 per year, or upgrade to the Elite System and get it included. There's no per-report fee, so use it as much as you'd like. As always, your purchase is backed by our 100-day, money-back guarantee.


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