Don’t Settle: Tackle your 2018 goals with a website 

Written by on February 6, 2018

Same old same old…

It's 9 a.m. on a Tuesday. Your coffee cup is warm in your hand. And as you walk into your office, you hope there's another order waiting for you in your inbox. But, as you knew there would be, there's something else demanding your attention…
Another revision request. It takes you a while until you're able to complete the request and move on to your next order, and you're frustrated by the time you've lost.
But it doesn't have to be that way. When you broaden your client base, you can pick and choose the clients you want to work with.
In the last Don't Settle blog, we talked about setting goals like "gain one new client per month." But how do you start expanding your clientele? The first step is creating a website for yourself.

81% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. (iMPACT)

Have you met Jim Bogris?
Jim is an appraiser who uses his website to fuel nearly 50% of his workload with diverse clients. He didn't settle for work he didn't like — he went where the money was, and where he was more satisfied.
Jim worked on improving his website, and now he shows up on the first page of Google when anyone searches for an appraiser in his area. And he has a constant influx of non-lender orders, even when the market slows down. You can continue reading Jim's story here
How to get where Jim is at:
Jim didn't just slap his name on a website and go on with his life. He put in the work to guarantee his ROI. To put it another way, he didn't just get a gym membership — he actually went to the gym.
A website's not something you can just turn on and leave. It takes a little time to sculpt out, but the benefits are huge. It's more than just a non-lender client attraction, too. Your website establishes your online presence, and it can even help bring in lender orders.
Here are a few things in mind when it comes to your website:
  • Make sure your website theme is simple and modern.
    • The look of your website represents who you are as an appraiser. An outdated site (or no site at all) won't be too impressive to your potential clients, and they could take their business to someone else.

  • Put content on your site that caters to your appraisal audience.
    • Think about what questions your clients typically ask you, and answer those questions on the pages of your site. Things like your service area, fees, and how to prepare for an inspection are all things your clients might want to know.

      Think about it this way: Would you order takeout from a restaurant that doesn't have a menu? Probably not. Consumers need information before they buy something — including appraisals.

  • Keep track of your website's success
    • Once your site is up and going, you'll want to know how well it's serving you. So be sure to keep track of how many leads and orders you're getting from your site.

      Some websites have basic stats already built in (like our XSites). But if you want more advanced information, you can use services like Google Analytics to learn more about your site's performance.

70% of consumers find out about a company through their blog, rather than ads. (iMPACT)

Don't settle for another year of fluctuating orders and high stress:
In 2018, having a website is essential for every appraiser. Your non-lender clients are going to be searching for you on their phones and computers, not in phone books or newspapers.

And these days, they're also looking for the convenience of ordering online rather than calling in. So your website is the channel you'll use to fill your pipeline with private orders so that you're not affected by any dips in the market.

Our recommendation:
Don't settle for just any website. If you want a site that's catered to the appraisal industry with appraisal-specific content, settings, and pre-made themes, you should go with our XSites. They'll be an important component for propelling you toward your 2018 goals. And in February, you'll save $70 on your XSite. Click here to get yours today, and get started on landing more high-fee orders.

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