Easily create XML files with TOTAL

Written by on June 5, 2019

As an appraiser, you’ve probably already had clients request your report be delivered as a MISMO XML. So why do client’s request these type of files and more importantly, how do you create one?

A MISMO XML contains a PDF of the report, in addition to the raw data of your major form, 1004MC, and additional comp forms. The mortgage finance industry has widely adopted these files for their ability to lower the costs per loan, reduce errors, and speed up the loan process. It’s also the preferred appraisal format for most investors, which explains why your clients request it.

So now that you know why they want one, how do you create and send XML files? Don’t worry, TOTAL makes it easy. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

To create an XML file, first, you need to make sure you have a MISMO supported form. Verify this by opening your contents window in TOTAL and check the box for MISMO XML. Make sure your major form on the right matches one listed on the left. If you need to swap your major form, double click the form on the left that you want to use.

After verifying you have a MISMO supported form, click File then Save XML and PDF to your PC. Check the box for each form that you want to print to PDF and click Continue. The next window shows where TOTAL saves your files (click Browse to change.) Finally, check the box at the bottom to acknowledge the privacy risks inherent in sending XML files from your email and click Save. A window appears showing you the files so that you can upload them to your client’s portal.

Viola! You have the required files and are now an expert in MISMO XML. For more information on creating XML and ENV files, click here.