How to include unused comps in your 2013 expense report

Written by on April 1, 2014

Do you often drive more comparables (or potential comparables) than end up in your reports? It's difficult to keep track of those miles throughout the year, especially since they aren't in your final PDFs. When they decide not to use a comparable they've driven, many appraisers choose to save that comp into their Workfile to retain any work they've already done for that property regarding that particular report. For these appraisers, Mileage Estimator makes it easy to include their Workfile comps when estimating mileage driven for the prior year for tax or planning purposes.

In addition to inluding your Workfile comps, the 2013 Mileage Estimator boasts several new features, allowing you to specify a date range, and letting you separate each appraiser in your office into their own worksheet. Click here to read more about Mileage Estimator 2013.

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