Importing photos with QuickStamp

Written by on April 16, 2013

TOTAL 2013’s QuickPix photos database lets you search for all the images you took of a certain property, so it’s important that you mark your photos with addresses when you import them. If you’re like most appraisers, you take multiple pictures of each property, so when importing into TOTAL 2013, use QuickStamp to streamline this process.

In the QuickPix Importer, type your address and description, or use the pull-downs to select from addresses from the open report. Hold your CTRL key down and select each field you want to copy. Click QuickStamp, then click once on each photo in your list to paste that information onto the other photos of that property.

Now, after you import, you’ll be able to find all the photos you took of a property in the QuickPix Database, even if you didn’t use them in a report.

Try TOTAL’s QuickPix Database and Importer today, or if you don’t have TOTAL 2013, click here for a fully functional trial today.