Integrate your spreadsheets with TOTAL

Written by on January 14, 2014

You're probably used to creating and working in multiple customized spreadsheets for your report's analytics, regression analysis, 1004MC, tax calculations, etc. To get that data into your report, you usually have to open each worksheet in Excel or Open Office, then copy and paste your results to the forms one field at a time.

With TOTAL's forms-integrated Worksheets, you can merge several spreadsheets into a single combined worksheet with multiple pages, all within TOTAL. Worksheets also calculate your analytic data for you and update your form automatically through linked calculation cells. Any form field can be linked to any Worksheet cell, essentially eliminating the need to retype data or copy and paste results field by field. With these linked fields, you can literally automate an entire appraisal report in minutes. You'll finish your work faster without having to leave TOTAL or juggle multiple open files.

Want to learn more about Worksheets? See our previous posts about them here, and click here to learn more about our 1004MC worksheet that can help you fill out that form automatically.

Integrated Worksheets are exclusive to WinTOTAL and TOTAL. You won't find anything remotely like it with other vendors.