Introducing Spark: A new comp importing tool made for and by real estate appraisers

Written by on October 12, 2015

This is a guest post from Brandon Reich, an active real estate appraiser, owner of Choice Valuation, PLLC and creator of TrendSheet 4 and Spark, a MLS comp import tool. You can find TrendSheet 4 and Spark in the TOTAL Store.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just launched Spark, our new comp importing tool, in the TOTAL Store and you can check it out now at no cost by taking advantage of our free trial!

Spark is a fast and truly easy-to-use comp importer that was designed with one thing in mind: saving appraisers time. See how it works in the video below:

Here's a screenshot too:

Load up to 15 comps into your grid in less than 60 seconds.

As you can see, we accomplished the goal of saving appraisers time, but we discovered something else as well. Not only does Spark save you a lot of time but it also saves you the hassle of typing up your entire grid, reminds you about possibly overlooked features of your comps, lets you use more comps with no extra cost in time or effort, and it’s actually giving appraisers a voice in software development.

Now, I can go on and write paragraphs about how great I think the software is and how we’re still constantly adding new features to it, how sleek the interface is, and how much time it will save you but instead I’m going to talk about you, the real estate appraiser.

I’m an appraiser myself and after launching my market analysis tool TrendSheet, I quickly realized that even I have a hard time gauging what appraisers want. What I thought was important seemed irrelevant to others and appraisers were asking me to add features I had never thought of or that I had initially dismissed.

In an effort to deliver the tools my customers and fellow appraisers truly want, I decided to make our software development process completely open to the public so that anyone (even those who may never use Spark) can see what we’re working on along with the roadmap for future additions to the software. In addition to seeing what we’re working on, you'll also actually get to impact the development of the software by adding your own features that you’d like to see in Spark (and future software). You then vote on the features and coverage areas that we (the developers) and your fellow appraisers have added.

We’re truly excited about the launch of Spark. We think it’s amazing, and it's something we’ve built and are continuing to build alongside you, the appraiser.

Now check out some of the eye-candy at the Spark TOTAL Store page and get your free trial started. Plus, make a difference and impact the continued development of Spark by going to our internal development page here and telling us what you want. Your voice will be heard!