It’s time to change the way you’re doing your market analysis

Written by on March 28, 2016

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team. You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here.

Savvi has made some great improvements we're going to tell you about over the coming weeks. This week, let's talk about how Savvi works.

Savvi makes multiple regression analysis easy, providing you with a complete regression analysis program.

Savvi is the only fully featured statistical analysis software available for the appraiser environment, complimenting appraisal methodology.

When you sign up with Savvi you get the complete package, from gathering your data to giving you the most comprehensive report to back your analysis. You get a free, one-hour private regression workshop to get you going. Our specialists take you step by step through the regression process, making it easy to understand.

Full multiple regression with data mining

Savvi's data mining application takes you to the next level of analysis. Data mining focuses on the patterns in the data rather than just information in a generic sense. These patterns are faint and hard to distinguish, and they can only be sensed by analysis algorithms that can evaluate nonlinear relationships between predictor variables and their targets and themselves.

Savvi's data mining software provides an unparalleled range of analytical functionality, including analytical data preparation. Savvi users now have the data management, data mining, and reporting capabilities to turn raw data into information for all the supporting documents needed for the final appraisal analysis.

Savvi gives you the latest tools in property analysis, making it easy for appraisers to apply regression analysis to their reports.

  • Automated Data review: Helping you strike the right balance in your MLS data for the best analysis model possible.
  • QC Tool: Cleans and prepares your data automatically.
  • Savvi Vault: Storing your entire researched data set, with the complete analysis, in one place for full and comprehensive record keeping. Helping you meet the new USPAP record-keeping requirement.

Next week: Balancing your data

And remember, big data without big analysis can cause big mistakes!

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