Mercury Desktop has changed to TOTAL Connect

Written by on June 23, 2015

As announced early last month, Mercury Network is no longer a part of a la mode (click here for details). To eliminate any confusion, today's update changes the names of our delivery tools from Mercury Desktop to TOTAL Connect and MercuryDirect to TOTAL Connect Pro. However, there won't be any changes to your workflow.

You'll just notice the new TOTAL Connect name on what was formerly Mercury Desktop. It's the free tool you use to deliver to many of your clients via DataCourier, XSites, or other available plugins.

TOTAL Connect Pro (formerly MercuryDirect) is the paid annual membership for delivering to our expanded list of plugin partners including AppraisalPort, Axios, Clear Capital, Metro-West, Rels, and more. If you currently have a MercuryDirect Membership, your notices will reflect this name change. Just know that it’s the same product with a new name.

For now, the new name better reflects our TOTAL suite of products and will help eliminate confusion. In the future, TOTAL Connect will include more than delivery, with tightly-integrated assignment management, communication with lender clients, detailed audit trails, and more.