5 things you didn’t know about Vault

Written by on September 28, 2016

Are your reports protected? If your business suffered from a computer crash or natural disaster, could you be back up and running the same day? Chances are, no – or at least not as well or fast as you think. The Vault stores and protects over 14 million reports for appraisers. However, some people are still hesitant to take the plunge. Below are five common myths that are busted by the Vault.

1. Myth: “It’s too hard to navigate and find my appraisal reports on my computer.”

Fact: External hard drives can often leave you confused and stressed out with the tedious and sometimes mysterious placement of your reports. The Vault will download the report directly to your designated path (default location is TOTAL’s appraisal desktop). It also has customizable column headers that allow you to choose which columns are displayed, and a search feature built around appraisal-specific fields, which make finding the right reports a snap.

2. Myth: “My files are too large. I can’t afford enough space.”

Fact: Carbonite, One Drive, and Crash Plan all have file size restrictions, and charge customers to increase their size limit. With Vault, you can store as much information in your reports as you need. This includes PDFs, images, sketches, notes, maps, etc. Vault does not limit file size. This feature makes going paperless that much easier, and guarantees protection for ALL your report data when the unexpected happens.

3. Myth: “Backup solutions are hard and confusing to set up, and support is nearly impossible to get.”

Fact: Using other backup solutions can sometimes be difficult due to over complicated, tech jargon and little to no live customer support. Vault offers a user-friendly interface for easy set up and can be executed in minutes. Plus, you’ll get more bang for your buck with appraisal trained, US based support at no extra cost.

4. Myth: “Backup solutions will only protect my files, but what about my QuickLists (canned comments), signature, recent responses, and databases?”

Fact: Most backup solutions won’t back up your most valuable information automatically like canned comments, databases, etc. Others (Carbonite) will back up your databases but only if you pay for the premier service starting at nearly triple the cost of Vault. Exact comes free with Vault and allows you to back up your QuickLists (canned comments), signature, recent responses, and databases as often as you want. These preferences are easily restored in the event of a computer crash or some other unpredictable circumstance. Click here to see how Exact works.

5. Myth: “Backup solutions are unreliable.”

Fact: Hard drives and flash drives can be lost, stolen, damaged, or even destroyed in the event of a natural disaster. Vault is an offsite, cloud-based solution. We provide peace of mind by keeping your valuable information secure, safe, and accessible. Being an appraiser is stressful — let us help provide some relief.

“I never understood the importance of Vault until I had computer issues. As an appraiser with constant deadlines, I don’t have time for computers to malfunction and crash. But when it happened, I was able to sign in to my Vault account and simply copy the files I lost to my new computer. I cannot imagine my appraisal business without the peace of mind Vault provides.

— Judy McReynolds, Professional Appraisal Group

Vault is tailored to an appraisers’ needs. We understand that your job doesn’t end once you leave the office, so easy accessibility is crucial. Now that we’ve squashed all the myths you’ve been holding on to over the years, we encourage you to try us out. We offer a 100-day money back guarantee. We’re confident you’ll love the Vault. If you’d like to see how your current solution compares to the Vault click here to see a comparison chart.