Square off so you never re-measure a property again

Written by on August 29, 2018

Let’s say your day starts with a couple inspections. Everything goes great but when you arrive back at your office, you realize that one of your sketches has a measurement that isn't quite right.

Your only option is to put the rest of your work on hold to re-visit the property and measure again.

But scheduling another appointment due to a sketching mistake can be awkward and take up a lot of valuable time.

Fortunately, TOTAL for Mobile was built for this type of scenario. "Squaring off" your sketches makes it easy to avoid both mistakes and re-visits to the property.

Watch how it works below:

This feature is a huge game-changer that makes it simple to spot wrong measurements in your sketch.

Bill Roark, an Elite Member with 40 years industry experience, is one appraiser who consistently squares off his sketches to make sure they're accurate while he's still on-site.

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