Titan Analytics doesn’t hold you back

Written by on March 27, 2018

Estate settlements, divorces, and other retrospective appraisals often require you to look at MLS data from several years ago. When you need to use a non-standard dataset, you need your analysis software to take it in stride — and we developed Titan Analytics with your workflow in mind. From old data to new, we've made sure you can handle any job with ease. Watch the video below [1:13] to find out a couple of key ways to use this feature on your next report!

Once you have your MLS data, importing it to Titan Analytics is a breeze. The first screen lets you import your file in just a few clicks — or you can drag-and-drop it straight from your computer. From there, you're just moments away from an in-depth analysis that integrates seamlessly with your report.

Need the data but not the 1004MC? No problem. Titan Analytics can create graphs and charts for your valuation even if you're not filling out an MC form. Try importing several years of data at a time from your MLS, and watch Titan Analytics create robust visual aids for your report in seconds. It's a quick and easy addition that your clients will appreciate!

Need a little help getting started? Titan Analytics is a powerful tool for your appraisal arsenal, and we want you to feel confident that you're getting everything it has to offer. Join us for one of our free live webinars to go over the basics with us and get your questions answered!