Easily move all your sketch dimensions to the outside

Written by on October 21, 2014

As we're teaching our Modern Appraiser Roadshows across the country this year, we've found that some of the hotkeys that we share from TOTAL and TOTAL Sketch aren't very well known. These hotkeys are so effective and useful to appraisers, however, that they sometimes even get applause. One of the hotkeys that regularly surprises and delights appraisers is the ALT+F10 keyboard shortcut in TOTAL Sketch.

Depending on how you draw your areas, you may sometimes end up with your sketch's area dimension labels on the inside of the area, rather than the outside. Many appraisers then take the time to manually click and drag each label to the outside of the area, one at a time. However, ALT+F10 lets you do this very easily.

In Modify mode, simply click to select the area, then use ALT+F10 to "pop" all of that area's dimensions labels from one side of the wall to the other or just turn them off. It's a simple trick that can save a lot of manual work with each sketch you do.

TOTAL Sketch (which is included free with TOTAL) has many hotkeys that are helpful. Click here to get a printable list.

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