Questions about the new UAD and USPAP changes?

Written by on January 9, 2014

As you probably already know, new UAD guidelines and USPAP reporting changes went into effect last week. For your convenience, we've answered a few of the most common questions we're hearing and included the support document that addresses it.

Q: "Where are the changes in the forms?"

A: You can see details on what changes to expect here. You can also find answers to many more questions about the UAD changes here.

Q: "How do I get the forms with the new UAD design changes?"

A: To get the new changes, simply install the latest updates for TOTAL and WinTOTAL Aurora. Click here to view the help document.

Q: "Why is 'Summary Appraisal Report' still appearing at the top of the 1004 UAD Version?"

A: This form is copyrighted by Fannie Mae, and the wording cannot be updated until Fannie Mae releases an updated version. Click here for the document regarding the USPAP reporting changes.

We hope these documents will help as you get acclimated to the new rules. We're always updating our support database, so be sure to check out our page often for new help documents. Click here to access the Appraiser Support and Training page.