Reinvent your business by going mobile

Written by on August 6, 2014

Matt Alford recently sent us a note about what he's been doing to go mobile since he attended our Mobile Workshop last month:

"I recently completed the one-day class "Mobile Appraisal Workflow" when it was offered in Jackson, MS and wanted to provide a bit of feedback. First of all, I didn't own an iPad prior to taking the class. I've been an appraiser in rural, central Mississippi for 15 years.

Just to cut to the chase, the TOTAL for Mobile app and the use of my new iPad in the field has effectively reinvented my appraisal business. I'm not ready to say just how much time I'm saving per report from the old "pen and ink" way of doing things because I'm still not 100% up to speed with the TOTAL app and my iPad, but the transition has been amazing and I'm finding that the quality of my work is improved.

Basically, I just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding field training and the user friendly software that takes an often complicated process and makes it so much easier to do. Also, feel free to return to the Hospitality State any time you guys feel like providing regional training. I'm a believer and I'll be there!" — Matt Alford, Alford Realty

We like Matt's story because it shows that going mobile is a gradual process, not something you have to do all at once. Download TOTAL for Mobile and try using it a few times a week to see how it affects your workflow. It's a free app, so there's nothing to lose. Click here to download it or get more information.

You can also learn more about going mobile, cutting turn times, and overall improving your efficiency at our Modern Appraiser Roadshow. Check out the list of cities we're visting here, along with details on topics and earning CE credit.