Save copies of your reports for USPAP compliance

Written by on July 8, 2014

According to USPAP, appraisers are required to save a copy of each report they do. Many appraisers still print physical copies of their reports, but both TOTAL and WinTOTAL let you save time (and money) by doing this for you automatically — and without any paper to print and keep track of.

In TOTAL, when you deliver your next report, make sure you check the box to save a copy of the report to your Digital Workfile. Check that box once, and from then on TOTAL saves a copy of what you sent to the client, dated and time-stamped, in your Workfile automatically. If you have to change the report and re-deliver later on, TOTAL simply saves another copy, also dated and time-stamped, into your workfile.

Some appraisers who still print their copies physically only print a copy of the URAR or other major form, but USPAP requires you to save a copy of the whole report. Check this box in TOTAL for your next report. It'll save you both time and money — and help keep you compliant.