Stuck in a rut? Don’t let your busy schedule keep you trapped in a mundane workflow!

Written by on February 21, 2019

If you’re anything like me, your plate is pretty full and finding any additional time is a miracle. Trying to balance home, work, and customer needs can feel impossible some days.

With inspections due, reports to finish, and bills to pay, it’s easy to stay in your box of tried and true methods to get you through the day. But, what if you could get an expert to show you the shortcuts to a better workflow? That’s why we offer Elite Product Coaching.

Don’t worry this isn’t a sales pitch. It’s something already included in your Elite Membership. We want you to stay on top of your current to-do list and up-to-date with new solutions.



We’re talking one-on-one time with a product expert to walk you through anything you’re curious about. That can be getting started with something you haven’t tried yet or learning new ways to use the products you’re already familiar with.

Want to go mobile? During a call, coaches can show you the Critical Items inside TOTAL for Mobile and how to customize both the display and the order. They’ll also show you the ability to tap on a room name on the sketch to add notes and take a photo for that room. That way you’ll be ready to fill out parts of the form while you’re out in the field!



That’s just one example of how you can use something every day but still miss out on some amazing features. You can cover any a la mode product you’d like, or if there’s time, feel free to mix it up. Our coaches have shown our customers how to display market trends and import comps by using Titan Analytics and SmartExchange together. After these calls, most customers ultimately ended up dropping their additional vendor — and the huge monthly fees. (On average saving them about $90 a month!) That could be you.

The beauty of Product Coaching calls is that you get to decide what time works for you. You can schedule several sessions over the span of a few weeks or months. All you have to do is figure out when you can fit 45 minutes into your calendar.



Since you get unlimited sessions with your Elite Membership, you can cover larger subjects over several sessions. This is perfect for when you’re setting up a company website, but want to know the best ways to market yourself.

Have an Product Coach walk you through setting up your XSite during one call. Then, schedule follow-up calls to customize the homepage, and learn five free and easy SEO tools that will drive more traffic to your site. That way you’re not trying to absorb a whole bunch of new information all at one time — and can learn the next level after you’ve mastered the first.

So how do you get the most out of your Elite Product Coaching call?

Have TOTAL installed beforehand. If you’re brand new to the software, you’ll save precious time on your coaching call if you don’t have to install it while you’re on the phone. Click here to learn how.
Choose a date and time for your session when you’ll be able to focus 100% on learning. You multitask all day. Take advantage of some “me time” to improve your profession.
Schedule time when you’ll be at your computer. Your coach will walk you through your products with you, which means you’ll need to have them on your screen during the call.
Make a list of questions or things you’d like to learn about before your call. That way you cover everything on your list or know where to pick up on the next session if you run out of time.
Don’t try to cram everything into one call. Again, you get unlimited sessions, so don’t worry if you don’t get all your questions answered. Just bring it up during your next call.

The number one piece of advice on Elite Coaching calls is to take advantage of them. One 45-minute call can end up saving you hours in the long run.


Not an Elite Member yet? Call today to hear about our special pricing at 1-800-252-6633.