Switching from Bradford ClickFORMS: Frequently asked questions

Written by on April 9, 2014

Lately, we've had a staggering number of appraisers switch to TOTAL from ClickFORMS™. And we've gotten really good at answering questions specific to the transition, available training, what's included, and more. So, we've put this list together to give folks considering the switch a quick reference to help with common questions. Take a look and give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE. Also, you can join us at one of our free "Switching from ClickFORMS" webinars. Click here for the class schedule.

Q: Bradford’s technical support isn’t always available when I need them. What about a la mode?

A: First, all customers receive live phone support as a standard part of their service. As a new customer, you’ll have 24×7 support for the first 100 days. Then, with your Silver or Gold Membership, you’ll have support Monday-Friday. Continued 24x7x365 support is available with our Platinum or Elite memberships. Click here or give us a call for more details.

Q: ClickFORMS uses Phoenix Mobile for mobile appraising. Does a la mode offer a mobile solution?

A: Absolutely! a la mode has been building mobile apps in-house since the 90s. TOTAL for Mobile is available on Apple® iOS and Android™ devices for free. It allows you to gather your data, take pictures, dictate voice notes, and sketch in the field. You won’t have to pay any per-use credits either. And if you want to keep using Phoenix Mobile, you certainly can. They’re compatible with TOTAL and available in the TOTAL Store.

Q: What about .ENV files, AppraisalPort, Rels, and all the other proprietary delivery formats? With Bradford, I have to subscribe to a more costly plan to deliver to many of these.

A: A MercuryDirect Membership will allow you to deliver to a much wider range of these delivery partners. You can see the full list of our plugin partners here

Q: Can I convert my Bradford stuff to TOTAL?

A: Yes. Our Competitor Conversion Wizard will allow you to import your old ClickFORMS reports and databases into TOTAL. Also, our XML Importer allows you to import data from any UAD XML reports you’ve created, regardless of which software generated it.

Q: I’m afraid to learn something new. Is TOTAL easy to pick up?

A: Since TOTAL is built on new technology, it’s much more modern and user friendly. Plus, we’ve helped so many appraisers switch that we’ve gotten really good at making the transition easy. You’ll have access to free live webinars specifically tailored to ClickFORMS users, live product coaches (also free) to provide one-on-one consultation, and live, US-based 24×7 technical support. And remember, you’ll still have the ClickFORMS software on your computer to fall back on.

Q: What do I need to pay next year to renew?

A: That’s up to you. We offer a solution for just about any budget – starting at just $349 per year (and that price is guaranteed for 10 years). Also, with our new Loyalty Rewards program, you can save on your renewal or even renew for free every year by referring your friends to switch. Click here to see how it works and calculate your discount.

Q: I really like Bradford’s ability to import information directly from my MLS. Does a la mode offer such a tool?

A: You bet. And it’s free. Built into TOTAL, the MLS tool can import information you’ve downloaded from your MLS in just a few clicks. And if you work with multiple MLS’s, that’s no problem. You can have more than one template. No extra cost.

Q: Bradford gives me flood maps with my monthly subscription. How does that work with a la mode?

A: Consider for a moment why you want the flood map. Is it because you actually need a map or just FEMA and Census Tract data? We populate that information automatically as a part of your Membership. So, you only need to buy flood maps if you actually need them. We find that appraisers save a lot of money this way, as properties are in a flood plain a small fraction of the time. If you do expect to need flood maps, check out an example or get a free trial here.

Q: So, it’s less expensive. And it’s better. But is a la mode any better to work with as a company?

A: It’s important that your vendor has your back. a la mode was built by and has been owned by the same person for 28 years. We’ve never been “acquired” by any outside firm and have always offered solutions for appraisers to boost efficiency and raise profits in good markets and bad. Whether during HVCC, UAD, or economic downturns, a la mode has been early to the market with tools, updates, and training to help appraisers stay profitable and we price it all fairly.