Tech Tip Special Edition: Note taking made easy

Written by on November 22, 2016

You're in the field and you notice some water damage to the interior wall of the bathroom. The homeowner is standing inches away watching your every move. You normally voice-record your notes for the sake of time, but with the zealous — maybe even overbearing — client nearby, that may be a little too risky.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. TOTAL for Mobile offers several avenues for note-taking. If voice recording isn't a viable option, try typing your notes real quick. Or, if typing on your mobile device slows you down too much, simply hit the notes tab and select the "draw" button. It's quick, easy, and a life saver for moments like the all-too-relatable scenario above.

TOTAL for Mobile gives you the freedom and peace of mind to adjust your workflow on the fly. Watch this video below to see how.

TOTAL for Mobile saves all your notes and syncs them seamlessly to TOTAL's Digital Workfile on your desktop.

By using TOTAL for Mobile, you eliminate the process of re-typing data from the traditional clipboard method and easily save at least 30 minutes per report.

TOTAL for Mobile's unlimited data gathering and syncing is included with your TOTAL Membership. Don't have TOTAL yet? Click here for a free 15-day trial and download TOTAL for Mobile app for free here.

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