Tech Tip: Stop emailing TOTAL reports to yourself

Written by on April 19, 2021

For most of us, gone are the days of carrying around a flash drive with our current TOTAL file and digital workfiles – or of exchanging flash drives with other appraisers in the office.

Cloud-based solutions like Dropbox and OneDrive can be handy.  Yet, despite being better than USB drive, they rely on a manual “push-pull” workflow: a certain series of steps in a certain order, done manually

With Titan Drive, the newest upgrade to our appraiser-focused storage and collaboration system, we’ve been able to give appraisers a truly integrated solution to the current workflow, without leaving the formfiller. No more jumping to email, downloading files, saving on top of older versions, etc.

Just click on Titan Drive in TOTAL’s Files PowerView and get immediate access to every file that you or anyone in your office has worked on in the last month, on any computer. It’s seamless. It’s integrated. Welcome to Titan Drive.