The right balance of data can make all the difference

Written by on April 14, 2016

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team. This is the third installment in a series from Savvi on some recent great improvements. Previous posts covered how Savvi works and their eBook on regression analysis. This week, the focus is on data quality. You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here.

Savvi's data quality control takes your MLS data and strikes the right balance of data to give you the highest level of analysis.

Let Savvi Regression Analysis strike the balance you need for a quality report.

The "Goldilocks Principal"

It is important to select properties that are not too dissimilar to the subject property in terms of the range of square feet, year of construction, location, and other property characteristics. However, we do need some variation, otherwise there is nothing to model. The need for some, but not too much, variation is the key to developing a strong model. Savvi's automated regression system helps you strike the right balance of data. If your search is off balance, Savvi will suggest the correct parameters needed to give you the best results.

Follow our series and learn how to get the best results from your regression analysis.

Next week: Managing your data

And remember, big data without big analysis can cause big mistakes!

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