Titan Analytics and your comps grid: Better together

Written by on August 26, 2019

Ever since we released Titan Analytics, appraisers have been asking us for a way to bring in comp data along with their market analysis. We’re happy to announce that we’ve been working on it —and it’s ready! Titan Analytics now lets you do both at once, giving you an in-house solution for market data, charts and graphs, and comparables —all in one.

To see this new feature in action, watch the video below [1:22]: 

Or, try it yourself in TOTAL:

  1. Open Titan Analytics.
  2. On the Market Analysis step, simply mark the addresses you might want to use as comps in the column on the left.
  3. Complete your export as usual. Once you’re back in TOTAL, the addresses you selected go straight to your comps grid, beginning with the first empty slot. 

The data TOTAL uses to fill out your comps depends on the settings you’ve selected.  Basically, you get to decide what data Titan Analytics uses to autofill your grid. It can use any of the following, depending on your settings:

  • Your Comps Database
  • SmartExchange
  • Both
  • Neither — Titan Analytics only places addresses on your grid (with no other data)

When deciding which option works best for you, you’ll want to know the benefits of each tool and how they help.

  • SmartExchange allows you to leverage prior comparable data through crowdsourcing. By opting in, you get seamless instant sharing of comparable property data that’s UAD formatted and USPAP compliant.
  • SmartAddress instantly searches your own Comps Database and displays previous uses of the same comparable and prior subjects. You can reuse data from another version or instantly spot check any discrepancies.
  • Titan Analytics delivers fast and defensible support for your market analysis. It works with any MLS and gives you the flexibility to control the data you want to use in charts and graphs to visually display the market elements that lead to your option of value.

One key thing to note is that your MLS data isn’t included in the comparable autofill. While Titan Analytics uses MLS data for your market analysis, it relies on what’s in TOTAL for your comps. Click here to learn exactly how it works.