TOTAL for Mobile August Update: inspect by area, more forms, and improvements

Written by on August 23, 2017

Our latest TOTAL for Mobile Update introduces a whole new way to gather inspection data — by area. Plus, we've added more forms and made a few improvements you'll love.

Use "area" in the sketcher to collect more data

As an appraiser, you've probably encountered properties with spare units — like a pool house or an in-law apartment. Typically, you'd collect this data in the notes section of TOTAL for Mobile.

With the latest update, you now have the ability to double-tap an area label and begin collecting data, much like the Room-by-Room feature.

Make room for two more forms: Construction Progress and General Purpose Restricted

Our goal is to provide you with as many options as possible in the field. And that's why we're always adding new forms. With TOTAL for Mobile, collecting inspection data is easier, and more accurate than ever.

Side note: In a recent interview with our TOTAL for Mobile Product Manager, Tracy Boehrer, he discusses all the advantages of using a specific form for each inspection. Click here to see what all the forms hype is about.

There's a few more new things you may notice:

  • We've added the "Additional Comments" field from page 3 of the 1004 UAD to the Improvements section.
  • iOS Push Notifications have been enabled to keep you up to speed on important app info.

  • TOTAL for Mobile is supported and ready to run on iOS 11 once it's released.

We also fixed a couple of things:

  • The Android camera has better exposure handling and control, along with more photo size options.

  • Both iOS and Android have received stability fixes that allow them to run more smoothly.

Don’t have TOTAL for Mobile? Download it free for Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire HD™ here. And if you don't have TOTAL, you'll want to get a free trial so you can see how effortlessly your inspection data flows into your desktop formfiller. Get your TOTAL trial here.