Is that report backed up? Find out instantly with Vault SmartFilters 

Written by on March 13, 2018

You’ve probably heard about Vault – maybe you’re already using it to back up your reports! If your computer crashes, or you’re affected by something else out of your control, Vault gives you the peace of mind that all of your reports are safe.

But what if you're working in TOTAL, and you need to confirm right away that a report is in your Vault storage? Or, what if you've been using Vault to share reports with colleagues or trainees, and you're not sure if you have the most up-to-date version on your machine?

We’ve built a handy visual reference right in your Appraisal Desktop. SmartFilters shows you in real time exactly which reports are protected, which reports have different versions, and which reports haven't been backed up yet — with four distinct status icons.

To learn more, watch the quick video below!

Here's a breakdown of Vault's SmartFilters:

The most current version of a report is uploaded to the Vault.
An older version of a report exists on your Appraisal Desktop than what's in the Vault.
You've made changes to a report and it will be sent to the Vault during your next scheduled backup.
These reports are unprotected by the Vault and are at risk.

(Note: Only reports in watched folders will show an icon.)

And don't forget, you can view the Vault status icons directly on your list of report files, too. We've added a sorting column specifically for this purpose. Click here to learn how to add the Vault column to your Appraisal Desktop!

Not sure which files are protected with your current backup solution? Maybe it's time to explore your options. Thousands of appraisers trust Vault and Exact to protect nearly 15 million appraisal files and help them recover quickly from any catastrophe. And don't forget, we store your user settings and databases, too!

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