WinTOTAL Aurora Users: Install Mercury Desktop now

Written by on January 28, 2014

In March, Mercury Desktop will become the new plugin and delivery platform for WinTOTAL. To avoid potential report delivery delays later, download and install today.

Click here and download it from the green "Download now" button, start the installer, and you're done.

Why install it now? If you install it now rather than waiting for the official March deadline, you'll have time to familiarize yourself with Mercury Desktop, get any questions you might have answered, and start using it to deliver reports. TOTAL customers have been using Mercury Desktop for nearly a year, and they have a more streamlined and reliable delivery process than the older tools you're using. WinTOTAL users who install Mercury Desktop now can get those same benefits, and they will also avoid a potentially frustrating situation after the deadline where they may be ready to deliver an urgent report, but aren't yet familiar with the new delivery tool.

What makes Mercury Desktop better than the old delivery tools? Mercury Desktop is much easier to use and gives you real time visibility to both your XSite and your Mercury Network orders in one place. Report delivery through any of the plugins is very simple, and we've already seen proof that with far fewer support calls with delivery issues from appraisers using Mercury Desktop. Click here for additional information on why Mercury Desktop is better than what you're using now, and then install it today. No one wants to experience delays when a report is ready to go out the door, so we hope you can install it early so you're already familiar with it before it replaces the old plugins.