XSites November update: Draw new business near, and spread holiday cheer

Written by on November 16, 2017

As every minute passes, we're inching closer and closer to the smell of turkey and cranberry sauce. But before you start packing for your holiday travels, take just a minute to plan a little holiday cheer for your clients too.

With our most recent XSite update, we improved some of our Thanksgiving XSellerate ads with fresh content and fun, holiday-themed designs. And we've made them mobile-friendly too.

Setting up XSellerate campaigns only takes a minute or two of your time, and it's great for relationship-building (without all the face-to-face networking). That way, you'll create loyal, repeat business that drives more orders and referrals.

Want to skip the holiday greetings? Get down to business with your newest XSellerate ads: Bail Bonds and Property Inspection Waiver.

Bail Bonds
Bail bond appraisals are great if you want extra cash in your pocket (you can charge higher fees for expedited service). And now you can market this service directly to your clients and local bail bond companies with an XSellerate email campaign.

Not convinced? Read why this appraiser loves taking bail bond orders.


P.S. You also have brand new XSite content pages for bail bonds and Property Inspection Waivers. See how to activate them here!

Mobile-friendly pages
In this update, we also worked on making some important XSite pages mobile-friendly — because your clients and web visitors don't want to pinch and zoom to view your website on their phones and tablets. When that happens, they might end up hitting the "back" button and going to one of your competitors.

Here are the pages we updated:

  • IFAA Designation
  • IFAC Designation
  • IFAS Designation
  • MAI Designation
  • RAA Designation
  • Partial Interest Valuation
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Payment Options

Click here for quick instructions on activating your mobile-friendly pages.