XSites update: Start 2018 off on the right foot

Written by on January 31, 2018

Ready to see more orders in your inbox and cash in your pocket? Take advantage of the new themes, ready-made email campaigns, and mobile-friendly pages in our January XSites update.

Switch to a new theme:

Having a website that’s sleek, professional, and unique sets the tone for the impression you’ll make to your online visitors. And since you’ve asked for more mobile-friendly themes, you shall receive.

Our new Local and Boutique themes are ready for you to activate as we speak. And we have more themes coming down the pipeline. See how to change your theme here.

Activate some email campaigns:

A great way to kick off the year is to go ahead and set up your automated marketing emails for the year.

You won't have to pick and choose the different ads you want to send, because they're already packaged for you. And there are plenty at your disposal, including campaigns for home maintenance, agents, holidays, home selling, and more.

These are great for your clients because they provide quality content that’s helpful and informative. They're the type of emails that bring in referrals and keep your customers coming back. Click here to see how to activate your ready-made campaigns.

Enjoy your completely mobile-friendly website:

Make sure you update your content pages so that they're all mobile-friendly. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Not sure how to leverage your XSite to make more money? Join us next week for our XSites boot camp: How to get better clients and more income with your XSite. We'll show you how a little work can lead to a lot of cash.

More improvements:

  • SRA Designation, SRPA Designation, Residential Investment
  • Revamped XSellerate ads with better designs and content: Happy Martin Luther King Day, Happy Hanukkah, Home Maintenance – Spring – 3, Home Maintenance – Summer – 3, Home Maintenance — Seasonal Checklist, 2018 Holiday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas – trees, Happy Holidays_White Ornament, Happy Holidays_bowandcard. *All holiday campaigns have been updated with 2018 dates
  • Ready Made Campaigns: Agents, Home Maintenance (Seasonal Checklist), 2018 Holiday, AVMs vs Appraisers, Home Maintenance and Improvements (informational), Selling Your Home, Collections