Make your business visible for all to see

Written by on February 13, 2018

Have you ever used Google to read reviews about a restaurant before you go? Or maybe to help you find a specialty store in your local area? If so, you've probably noticed that some businesses show up differently than others on the search results screen. These places show up on a map display — accompanied by photos, hours of operation, a phone number, and more. It's the equivalent of an eye-catching billboard off the highway! As a professional appraiser, wouldn't you like for people to find your business that easily?

Unlike renting billboard space, using Google My Business is completely free. The process is simple: you send Google some basic information, Google sends you back a verification code, and you enter that code on their website. Seriously — it's that easy. Within one to three business days, all of your personalized information goes into a Google business listing. As an added bonus, you'll also appear on Google Maps!

For step-by-step instructions, watch the video below:

Adding a website to your Google business listing can dramatically improve its effectiveness. Our XSites are made specifically for appraisers, so they're a great choice for savvy business owners. Get one for $70 off all month long in February!