Drive repeat business with automated email campaigns


You often have to be a jack-of-all-trades to run a small business — and one of the best skills you can learn is marketing.  Many appraisers struggle with the idea of marketing themselves, but if you think about it at a basic level, it's simply the act of establishing a relationship.  You don't need to have your face on a billboard or take out ads in the paper.  Something as simple as a friendly email message around the holidays to the folks on your contact list is enough to make you memorable — leading to repeat orders and year-round referrals from happy clients!

Employee Spotlight: Gary Harper


If you've ever run into a workflow hiccup or an off-the-wall software question while filling out a report, you've probably heard this phrase:  "Thank you for calling a la mode tech support."  Our phone support is legendary, and no matter who answers your call, you know you'll be on the right track in minutes.  With that said, if you're lucky enough to get Gary Harper on the line, then you know he has a signature style. 

Gary is to an appraiser what a solid, dependable pit crew is to a NASCAR driver — lightning quick, straight to the point, and will have you back at work in no time.  Gary has a deep familiarity with our customers and our products, combined with enough common sense to weather even the weirdest technical dilemma.  He sets the bar high for our tech team!

Keep your settings and preferences safe


In the (frankly, terrifying) event of a computer breakdown, Vault keeps your report files safe and sound.  But what about your QuickLists, comps, signatures, and user settings? 

Employee Spotlight: Jason Krise


Industry leading tech support.  That’s a title that everyone strives to have, but few companies achieve.  We're determined to deliver outstanding customer support to our customers every day.

Speaking of top notch-support, have you ever called in and talked to Jason Krise?  He’s been troubleshooting appraisers' software questions for 13 years.  You could say he knows a few things.  This guy even keeps a Pocket PC (remember those?) at his desk, just waiting for that one appraiser to call in that's still using one.  He cares, and he’ll never leave an appraiser hanging.  So, take a few minutes to learn more about Jason.

Is your MLS making things complicated?


Sometimes even the simplest tasks can end up getting complicated — for instance, not every MLS website exports your data in the same file format.  Little things like that can introduce a needless hassle when you're trying to finish your 1004MC.  We know you're busy enough as it is, so we made sure Titan Analytics works with every major file type:  CSV, TSV, XLSX, and TXT.

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